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Passit Blog: Release

Notes on new releases.

Passit 1.11: LDAP initial support

• by The Passit Team

Passit 1.11 has been released. It features a preview of LDAP sync.

Passit 1.10: Backup Codes for Account Recovery

• by The Passit Team

Passit 1.10 has been released. It features a backup code that allows you to recover your account if you forget your master password.

Passit 1.9: Security improvements and error reporting

• by The Passit Team

You won’t notice a lot different in our 1.9 release, but we did make some improvements:

Passit 1.8: Group invitations and better performance

• by The Passit Team

We are pleased to introduce group invitations for a faster Passit!

Passit 1.7: More secure, easier to sign up

• by The Passit Team

We’ve been working hard on Passit to bring you a new registration form and a few security updates in our 1.7 release.
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