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Passit 1.18 is released with hardware security key support

Passit 1.18 features the latest Django 3.2 backend and Angular 12 frontend. Passit already supported multi-factor authentication via TOTP authenticator apps. Now it also supports hardware security keys, such as Yubikey, as an option for multi-factor login. This new feature is available on the Passit progressive web app. Thanks to GitLab user mirisbowring for buying me a Yubikey to add support!

At this time Passit’s Android app does not support hardware security keys and users should instead make use of the progressive web app. Open Passit’s web app in Chrome or Firefox for Android, then select Add to Home screen. Passit will continue working even when offline.

Docker versioning on Dockerhub

Starting in 1.18, out Docker image on Dockerhub will be tagged with the version, instead of only tagging “stable”. Self host users who want more control over the version should make use of this.

Call for Sponsorship

Are you a Passit fan or using Passit at work? Looking for new features? Please consider donating or sponsoring a feature. Donations help support our free service at and the development of Passit.

Donate directly on LiberaPay or contact us at [email protected] for ways to sponsor a feature. We also offer consulting services and private hosting. Companies looking to contribute can be listed and thanked on our README.