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Security that works

Using a password manager makes you more safe online, and our modern security features lock down your passwords without getting in your way.

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You're safer online when you use a unique password on every site and make those passwords more complex. But most people don't do that, because it's impossible or impractical to manage that on your own. That's why a password manager is so helpful: Pick one really good password, memorize it, and then it takes care of remembering everything else!

Passit leans on established security protocols, using the well-established libsodium for public key cryptography, secret key cryptography, and secure hashing. The result is a system where Passit’s operator doesn’t know and can’t decrypt what passwords are stored. Even if attackers could compromise a Passit server, they would still need a user’s password to make sense of the data.

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Trust, by verifying

Our code is open source, so anyone can learn how Passit works. This makes us more trustworthy, and we think it helps create a more secure product overall.

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Closed source software provides no way for you to validate the security model. Backdoors or flaws can be introduced at any time without your knowledge. Our open source model combined with the ability to self-host means you can trust that Passit is doing what it claims to do.

Passit anywhere, to anyone

Easily take your passwords to any online device and share them with others. Read existing passwords when offline, just in case.

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Passit stores your passwords online, so if your device has an Internet connection, you can access all of your sensitive information on it. Group features will allow you to share your passwords with friends, family, or coworkers.

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About Passit

Passit was created by Burke Software and Consulting, a small team of software developers doing consulting work and supporting open source software development. Passit is self-funded from our consulting business for now, though we are certainly open to raising additional funds.

Passit is open source, which means that you can get involved in the project as well if you want! If you’re interested in doing so, visit our Contributing page for more information.