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Passit 1.17 is released with NativeScript 7

Passit’s Android app has made the leap to NativeScript 7.

Many changes were introduced when NativeScript was transferred to nStudio in June. With a focus ensuring Passit is able to be maintained long term, this release focuses on stability. The app should be more reliable. We removed our import feature from the Android app as it has little usage and introduced several, no longer maintained, dependencies. You can still import data using the web app as always.

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Are you a Passit fan or using Passit at work? Looking for new features? Please consider donating or sponsoring a feature. Donations help support our free service at and the development of Passit.

Donate directly on LiberaPay or contact us at [email protected] for ways to sponsor a feature. We also offer consulting services and private hosting. Companies looking to contribute can be listed and thanked on our README.

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Passit is now on Gitter, the open source chat platform! Gitter is a great way to interact with the Passit developers and fellow users.