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Passit 1.9: Security improvements and error reporting

You won’t notice a lot different in our 1.9 release, but we did make some improvements:

First, we made security improvements by setting Content Security Policy headers and CORS changes. You shouldn’t notice anything different, but Passit is safer for it.

Second, we added opt-in only error reporting with Sentry. Due to the sensitive nature of Passit, we do not use ANY client side tracking or reporting by default. However, error reporting is an important feature that helps us make Passit better, so we’ve added a way for you to opt in to it. If you’d like to help us by sending anonymous information, go to your Account page, click “Error reporting”, check the box, and press Save.

We are continuing to work on bringing feature parity for our NativeScript app. In the near future, we’ll be releasing the app version of Passit 1.9 which will include the ability to sign up.