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Passit 1.8: Group invitations and better performance

We are pleased to introduce group invitations for a faster Passit!

It’s great to be able to share passwords in a group. Families, study groups, and businesses alike can benefit from having an easy way to securely pass their logins.

However, not all people want to be in a group, and those who do can benefit from having more control over them. So we added a group invitation feature.

Screenshot of Passit's new group invitation feature

Previously, you were automatically added to a group when another user typed in your username. Now you must accept the invitation before seeing the secrets in the group, and you’re welcome to decline if you don’t want to participate. If you’re not on the Groups page, look for the yellow notification dot in the navigation up top to indicate that you have pending invitations.

If you’re running your own version of Passit on a private server, you won’t see this new feature.

We also did some work under the hood to decrease Passit’s memory footprint. If it feels a little faster to use, that’s why!

Thanks for using Passit. Get your friends and coworkers on board so you can start sharing with them today. If you haven’t tried it yet, sign up here!