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Passit 1.7: More secure, easier to sign up

We’ve been working hard on Passit to bring you a new registration form and a few security updates in our 1.7 release.

One of our goals for the project has been to make a password manager that is easy to use. Most people don’t use password managers, so we want a good user experience to start with the register form. If you’re an existing user this won’t affect you much, but if you haven’t signed up for Passit yet then give it a try!

Screenshot of Passit's new Register page

We’ve also made some security updates. No software is invulnerable, so we work with people at HackerOne to get different eyes on Passit to point out issues for us to resolve.

What’s coming next?

Our Android app is available as a preview, and we’ve made progress towards a full release. We’re also looking at improving the group feature, which should happen in the next release or two.