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Passit 1.3.1 released

Passit 1.3.1 is a minor bugfix release.

What’s coming next?

1.4 designs for a new signup flow are almost finished.

We now have usable APK files for the Passit Android app! These are still pre-release status. If you’d like access to a preview, please email

Screenshot of Android app

The Android app allows you to log in and read/copy passwords. The ability to edit passwords is not yet included. Because it’s built with NativeScript, it shares about 50% of its code with the web app! It uses the native libsodium C library which makes it even faster than our web assembly progressive web app.

One of the big motivations of the Android app is to utilize the autofill API. Work will start on that soon.

We could use help releasing the iOS version - if you have experience working on iOS please get in touch by emailing or opening a gitlab issue. All we need to release for iOS is

iOS users can still use the web app which will even work offline as soon as Safari supports web workers. Hopefully soon!