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Passit 1.3.0 released

• by The Passit Team • Release

Passit 1.3 enables password sharing via groups on!

Passit 1.2.0 released

• by The Passit Team • Release

Passit 1.2.0 contains some infrastructure work to support server background tasks and the beginning of a invite to group system. Our integration tests now run multiple browsers that share secrets.

Making a change to Passit's backend

• by The Passit Team • Development

This blog post should help potential contributors understand how to make backend changes while exploring some topics in security.

Threat Talk: “There is already an account associated with this email address”

• by The Passit Team • Threat Talk

If an attacker can see that your email address is used on Passit, is that bad? Should we prevent the threat? How can you protect yourself?
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