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Passit Blog: Ideas

Internet security, open source, and password management discussions on a more conceptual level.

A Preface to Passit, Part 5: Why pick Passit?

• by The Passit Team

We've posted about why we like password managers, open source software, and cloud-based services. Conveniently, Passit is all of those things.

A Preface to Passit, Part 4: Why use a cloud-based password manager?

• by The Passit Team

Cloud-based software travels with you, is available on any Internet-connected device, and has a lot of other perks. Some don't think it's ideal for security though, so we'll discuss why we think the pros outweigh the cons.

A Preface to Passit, Part 3: Why use an open source app?

• by The Passit Team

We freely let people see, use, and modify the source code that runs Passit. Why is that a good idea, and why should you care enough to make a decision based on it?

A Preface to Passit, Part 2: Why use a password manager?

• by The Passit Team

Password managers take a bit of work to use, and most people don't make the effort. Why should you take the extra steps to make your secrets safe?

A Preface to Passit, Part 1: Liberty vs. safety in an imperfect world

• by The Passit Team

Why do password managers exist? This is a somewhat philosophical look at the world with Internet security in mind, and justification for a product that can help people feel safer online.
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